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Dalian Port has invested 700 million yuan and "turn green"in 3 years

Click:1500 Time:2017-05-25

40 thousand square meters of the roof station, a monthly contribution of 20 kwh of electricity Yuwanqian. In May 12th, in Dalian Port group, Dalian Bay, the distribution of photovoltaic power plants installed in the roof of the warehouse is the steady flow of solar energy into electricity. "Roof power station" not only provides power for port production, but also saves nearly 800 tons of standard coal every year, reducing carbon dioxide and other pollutants discharge more than 2000 tons.
Port transportation and production need to consume a great deal of energy, and air quality has been one of the problems faced by all the big ports in the world. Reporter learned from the day before, since 2014 to become the theme of the national energy-saving emission reduction pilot port, Dalian Port 3 years invested 700 million yuan, from the aspects of port infrastructure, handling and transportation equipment modification and application of intelligent system, the use of clean energy and other efforts to promote port "turn green", currently with remarkable results.
In Dayaowan container terminal, northeast first high frequency shore power project has officially put into use. The ships in Hong Kong mainly use auxiliary power to meet the demand of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, communication and lighting on board. However, the fuel generation opportunities emit air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides, which affect the environmental quality of the ports and the cities in which they are located. According to estimates, after the ship shore power put into use, the port can save about 700000 tons of fuel per year, reduce nitrogen oxides emissions of more than 8000 tons, sulfur dioxide emissions of more than 4000 tons.
In the oil and electricity, oil to gas, solar power and other environmentally friendly new technologies and new products of "addition" at the same time, Dalian Port group has invested heavily in the implementation of sewage treatment, dust control, flue gas desulfurization, "to do subtraction". "One plus one minus" accelerates port color change".
In the bulk cargo terminal ore operation area, the seawater desalination station using reverse osmosis technology has realized daily water supply of more than 1200 tons. 10 sewage treatment facilities and 8 sets of buried sewage treatment facilities have realized the full coverage of sewage treatment in the port area. More than 1300 yuan to build oil and gas recovery facilities, oil and gas processing rate of 95%. 18 meters high, more than a thousand meters long dust wall, effectively curb dust, coal ash, dust and other pollution. Spend nearly billion yuan to build 100 thousand cubic meters of Xingang accident pool, to prevent oil pollution and build iron bastions.
The port Festival energy is 7 times more than that issued by the state." According to the Dalian Port group, along with the advance of low-carbon port construction, Dalian Port port production system has changed from the inside to the outside color, 21 key projects have been completed, every year can save 13 thousand tons of standard coal, 2700 tons of standard oil alternative fuel. In the "13th Five-Year" period, Dalian Port group focus on arrangements for green projects in 27, 3 year plan to achieve the comprehensive application of marine shore power; sea water source, heat source, air source and photovoltaic power generation technology popularization in Hong kong. The comprehensive unit consumption and carbon dioxide emission intensity of port production decreased by 17.4% and 56.2% respectively compared with 2010.