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Domestic cargo operating

Business Process Commentary
First, the orders:
1, road transport executives to accept mail (fax) transport delivery schedule from the customer.
2, road transport dispatch from customers received a library card bills of lading.
3, check the documentation.
Second, the registration:
1, transportation scheduling sub-delivery destination on the registration form, the calibration points receiving customer delivery number.
2, the driver (designated personnel and vehicles) to transport the dispatch center to get the bill of lading and confirm receipt of this transport system on board.
Third, call the Plan:
1. Fill in transportation planning.
2. Fill in transit transport, and sent the case, tracking the feedback form.
3, the computer lost orders.
Fourth, the fleet transfer:
1, according to the delivery direction, weight, volume, co-ordinate arrangements for vehicles.
2, reported transportation plan to the customer, and make sure to plant delivery times.
Five, delivery shipping:
1, arrive on customer delivery warehouse.
2. Check the condition of the vehicles.
3, for delivery procedures.
4, delivery, covered carport and lock the door.
5, run the factory procedures.
6, receiving customer telephone notification estimated time of arrival.
Sixth, in transit Tracking:
1. Establish receipt customer profiles.
2, driver information and timely feedback on the way.
3. Delivery and receiving phone customers.
4. Fill track record.
5, there are unusual circumstances contact with customers.
Seven, arrived sign:
1, phone or fax to confirm arrival time.
2, the driver will return to single-use EMS or FAX message back to profit company.
3, single sign transport.
4, regularly sent back to a single customer.
5, the residence of the local market and timely feedback to the customer.
Eight, back orders:
1, on time and accurately reach the designated place of discharge.
2, cargo transfer.
Three, one hundred percent sign, to ensure the quantity and quality of products and customer transportation nine out of the library, a single agreement.
4, to understand the delivery of products to customers who in the local market sales.
Nine, transport Settlement:
1, tidy fee bills.
2, good summary of fees to pay to customers, returned after confirming the settlement center.
3, the clearing house shipping charge to the customer.